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Channing Joseph is an award-winning journalist whose stories have been published around the globe. As a reporter, he broke the story of Wikileaks’ 2007 publication of secret military documents from the war in Afghanistan. His work has taken him from the southern tip of Africa to the mountains of rural Japan.

Mr. Joseph’s articles have been published by The New York Times, The International Herald Tribune, The New York Sun, Associated Press, The Washington Post, The Guardian, The Atlantic, Entertainment Weekly, MTV News, U.S. News & World Report, ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, BET, CNN, and many others.

As a news editor, he has also shaped the work of two dozen Pulitzer winners. He has served as editor-in-chief of SF Weekly as well as on staff at The New York Times and Associated Press. While at The Times, he edited projects that led to the release of wrongfully convicted prisoners and helped earn the paper two Polk Awards and a Pulitzer.

His recent work focuses on LGBTQ history and culture. His upcoming book, House of Swann, is the untold story of William Dorsey Swann — a former slave who became the world’s first self-described “drag queen” and the leader of the first queer liberation organization.

Mr. Joseph now teaches multimedia journalism at the University of Southern California. He is a graduate of Oberlin College and the Columbia Journalism School. In his spare time, he enjoys sci-fi movies, roller coasters, acrobatics, and Afro-futurist art.

He can be reached at channinj [AT] usc [DOT] edu.



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